Urban trekking in love

Sat, 2017-02-11 14:00 - Tue, 2017-02-14 14:00

Nature is one of the additional beauty of Verona tour!

A walk in the hills to discover a little-unknown Verona, the hidden and romantic corners, off the beaten paths and terraces, surrounded by nature.

The visit takes place every day of the event at 2.00 p.m.

Price: € 10.00 per person, € 15.00 per couple
Departure: Ponte Pietra Tower
Last: 2.00 h
Languages: Italian - English - German
Info and reservations: + 39 347/8609991.

Organised by Assoguide Verona - www.veronacityguide.it .

Save the date: Every day of the event - at 2.00 p.m., starting at the Ponte Pietra Tower .