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Discovering Verona in Love!

"In fair Verona where we lay our scene."

The history of Verona is tied up inextricably with love and romance and Shakespeare made Verona famous when he chose to set here his most well-known of love plays, 'Romeo and Juliet'. So, if you want to experience a magic and romantic Saint Valentine come to Verona in Love.

From the 11th to the 14th February: “If you love someone, bring them to Verona", that’s the motto of this charming event which takes place in the heart of Verona. Four days have been planned to welcome lovers of all ages in Verona and let them experience an unforgettable Valentine's Day in our romantic city. Streets and squares will be dressed in red with unique lights and decorations.

From now you will have the chance to book online your Seal of Love, a promise of love in a parchment showing the two names hand written in Gothic style, bound and held together by sealing wax. During Verona in Love you can collect it in Loggia in Love located in Piazza dei Signori. This magnificent square also hosts the famous Heart to discover, the symbol of Verona in Love. Along the red heart shape carpet, beautiful stalls are set to offer visitors characteristic handcrafts and local products of Verona. Piazza dei Signori is also the wonderful location for the most romantic moment of the Festival: Kiss me for a minute. After the kiss , couples in the square will be delighted with a magic confetti firework, Flying Hearts.

Romantic live music concerts will create the right setting for your love story. Let yourself be inspired by Verona and post a love message to your beloved on the special board called Heart messages.

Lidl is the main partner of Verona in Love. With Lidl in Love you can take a picture with your beloved and get a nice photo frame. If you love chocolate Lidl also offers you a selection of fine chocolate to taste in Loggiato Fra’ Giocondo.

During Verona in Love you can join Juliet Club volunteer team and experience the unique opportunity to be Juliet for one day. Become Miss Giulietta Capuleti, read some of the letters that are addressed to Shakespeare’s greatest heroine from everywhere in the world and reply to them by heart.

Verona in Love has also a moment dedicated to sport enthusiasts: don’t miss the Giulietta&Romeo Half Marathon, one of the most beautiful and romantic city runs in the world! This marathon is an unconventional way to enjoy the wonderful treasures of the city of love during Valentine's week. For couples, there will be the special relay race "Duo Halfmarathon", another alternative way to celebrate sport and... love!

During the days of the event you can discover the main landmarks in Verona related to the myth of Romeo and Juliet together with the many guided tours. Another way to get in touch with the beauty of the Veronese city centre is taking part to Love Hunting V, a treasure hunt for couples.

Many are the original activities that you can experience at Verona in Love: on the top of Lamberti Tower you can taste a typical Italian aperitiv. Opera in Love is the theatre performance on the Shakespearian tragedy “Romeo and Juliet”; another great performance that you should not miss is Romeo e Giulietta Anime Danzanti, where music, dance and theatre melt together.

A table for two (Due cuori a tavola) is the romantic dinner in one of the most prestigious restaurants in the city centre and outside. They will serve themed dishes devoted to love but also typical local food. Wine and food lovers can enjoy different culinary activities: Dolcemente in Love is an open air market in Piazza Bra, where you can taste and buy homemade cakes, pastries, chocolates and desserts.

During the Festival, art enthusiasts can visit the Maya exhibition hosted in Gran Guardia Palace. Gran Guardia Palace has also a special cinema hall where you can enjoy the second release of Love Film Fest, devoted to sentimental movies. If you love art, don’t miss Pablo Picasso art exhibition in AMO Arena Museo Opera and the paintings and drawings of Antonio Balestra in Castelvecchio.

So what a better chance than this to celebrate your Valentine and declare your love in the most romantic city in the world? Visit Verona in February 2017 and celebrate the 13th edition of Verona in Love.

“Come to Verona with the one you love" !