Fri, 2017-01-27 00:10

Valentine's Day of Love - Let's marry in the city of Romeo and Juliet

Say "I will" or renew your promise of love in Verona, in places made famous by the myth of Romeo and Juliet.

Live a dream ceremony with live music and love toast in Verona's most valuable palaces.

The City of Verona is supplying to future newlyweds stunning locations including the House of Juliet, Arazzi Hall, Guarienti Hall and Notai Chapel: this Valentine's Day will be unforgettable...

Seal your love in places where Romeo and Juliet have declared their eternal love, you can decide the time, place and the ceremony so that everything would be perfect for the most important day of life, but not only! You can choose the location that suits you also for other ceremonies, to rekindle the feelings related to the promise of love.

Also visit the special space in Loggia in Love dedicated to all couples who want to exchange the promise in Verona.

For more information please visit: ♥ Marry me in Verona ♥ , phone at: +39 045/8077020 or visit us in Loggia in Love during all Verona in Love.